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  • What is PLATINCOIN?
  • CRYPTO currency market today
  • The aim is

PLATINCOIN is an innovative cryptosystem, which combines a learning academy, a revolutionary hybrid blockchain technology, a trendy crowdfunding business-platform and a social network. Today, these technologies are on top of the popularity and profitability ranks on the multibillion market of internet technologies.


Cryptosciences total: approx. 3000

Market volume of cryptic payments: several billion dollars

An increasing number of countries are discussing how to make efficient use of cryptoscripts and blockchain technology.

  • October 2013: The first Bitcoin cash machine appears in Canada
  • 22 October 2015: The European Court of First Instance decides to exempt from VAT the exchange transactions with Bitcoin
  • The Russian Alfa-Bank carries out a blockchain transaction with the airline S7

16 February 2017: In Japan Bitcoin is accepted as a legitimate kind of payment

PLATINCOIN — this is a global project designed to unite people around the world. We give a unique opportunity to change our lives and the lives of people around.



1.  PLC Business – Crowdfunding

PLC Business is a crowdfunding platform for everyone who believes that together we can grow simple ideas into profit-making enterprises and even corporations.


Millions of Crowdfunding and Crowdinvesting fans annually fund thousands of projects around the world for tens of billions of euros. Before your eyes, ideas will turn into successful businesses. The cryptosystem members can evaluate projects by “LIKE’s”. Their evaluation will help investors understand how interesting various business projects are, whether they have a sales market and who potential promoters and buyers of their products are. PLC Group AG intends to include in its investment portfolio hundreds and thousands of promising projects to turn them into profitable, well-known companies and to bring many of them to global stock exchanges. Your participation in the evaluation and selection of these projects is the guarantee of our common success, because it is the profits of all companies in PLC Group AG portfolio that is intended to support PLATINCOIN exchange rate.



PLATINCOIN social network joins people of all ages and nationalities. Due to its huge potential, it opens before each of us unlimited opportunities for successful personal growth and business. With PLATINCOIN, you will easily find friends, partners and like-minded people who are interested in advanced technologies for making profit in the online environment and new opportunities for growth and development. You will also get the chance to profitably advertise your products and services in its social network.


3. PLC Academy

PLC Academy is an electronic learning platform that includes materials on the theory of cryptography and blockchain technology, as well as materials on the basics and strategies for the successful promotion of online business and effective communications in sales.


In today’s world, information has become a major value, and PLC Academy provides access to unique knowledge that you will not find in theory textbooks. After all, the authors of training modules are practitioners with a wealth of experience: successful entrepreneurs, business consultants, IT professionals, and promotion and sales proficients.


4. PLC Market Place

This will be a gigantic TURBO in connection with the payment institute

PLC GROUP AG has managed to close the money cycle with an MLM Coin!

Every salesperson can sell his products for Platincoin on the PLC Marketplace – this is nothing new yet, we have at another MLM. BUT what does he need? He still needs FIAT currencies to buy new commodities or goods to make the next products – right?
And here is the genius of the solution – he can exchange his platinumcoins in FIATWÄRHRUNG and continue to act. The money cycle is closed.

The problem of acceptance is thus solved

The remuneration


The sources of income shown do not constitute a promise or guarantee for certain income.
Rather, they are exemplary to show what is possible.
Success in this business – as with all paid jobs – requires work and commitment.

PLC Group AG offers a variety of income opportunities and bonuses, which, if used appropriately, offer the possibility to achieve a very attractive income.

Marketing plan of PLC GROUP AG

A unilevel plan over 11 levels. Unilevel means all my direct partners stand side by side in my first level (Level1)

From Level 1 alone, I earn 10%. Overall, I can earn 38% on the unilevel plan.

In order to qualify for level 1 you only need the 5 € package – and the more level in the depth I want to open up for me the more qualification points I have to fulfill. These are essentially:

Package size
Number of direct partners and sum of your own packages
Sum in my entire structure

There are also the following highlights ...

  • PLC Secure Box
  • Payment
  • Your own private key is safely stored in your own 4 walls
  • Since the PLC-Secure-Box maintains a permanent connection to its own rented computer with PLC software, the result of PoS reward is forwarded quickly, securely and with an increased probability to the other partners of the PLATINCOIN blockchain.
  • Consumes little more energy like a smartphone regardless of the number of other users on the network
  • The owner of the PLC-Secure-Box earns about 10% per anno! (So ​​there is no limit on the revenue! The bigger the stake, the larger the 10%),

Sales of business packages (AcademyPoints, PLC, Likes, AdPoints)

Revenue from the social network (advertising, premium accounts, business pages for companies etc.)

Revenue from the crowd funding platform (advertising, revenues from transactions and other business transactions)

Revenue from the online shop (% of shops, advertising, premium accounts)

Real assets (% of company profits are invested in gold and holdings in promising companies).

There will be the possibility to start the PRE-Launch

  • payeer
  • payza
  • advcash
  • perfect money
  1. Exchange of the company and its parts
  2. Own payment institution
  3. Exchange of funds financed by us
  4. There will be the possibility to start the PRE-Launch
  5. Creation of own cryptomats

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